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…that’s because we don’t consider the practice of law just a job. Rather, it’s our vocation. It’s how we realize our passion for justice. And how we demonstrate to individuals that the legal system can work for them. As advocates for individuals focusing on employment law, Betz + Blevins believes deeply in our mission of representing those who seek justice and redress for workplace-related wrongs that violate their civil rights. It’s a partnership with our clients driven by principle.

Betz + Blevins is known for delivering large-law-firm quality along with the small-firm advantage of topnotch personal service. With the resources to take on Fortune 500 companies and the staff to handle each case thoroughly, we’re able to work on behalf of individuals in their interactions with large organizations, for as long as necessary. As a firm, we take great pride in closely managing the process of each client’s case every step of the way.

Our integrity dictates that we don’t take on every case. We balance your interests—professional, financial, and emotional—with the legal and workplace realities of your dispute. Our nearly 50 years of collective experience in employment law informs our counsel to you. Our first step in working with clients is always a one-on-one consultation to determine the right course of action.

Our goal is to negotiate suitable settlements or win the desired judgments for all our clients. But we also aim to provide representation conducted with our clients’ best interests in mind, so that they come away with the satisfaction of having been well served. Outside of the court, we provide counsel for matters of employment such as contracts, severance agreements, non-compete clauses, and other legally binding documents, as well as workplace and professional licensing disputes.

As one of Indiana’s premier employment law firms, we enjoy an excellent reputation throughout the state’s legal community. We also have a successful practice in the related areas of civil rights and constitutional law, professional licensing and discipline for education professionals, physicians, and nurses, among others, and business and commercial law, as well as in environmental law. And we’re known for our appellate law practice, both as lead counsel and co-counsel.

The difference is Betz + Blevins.

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