Appearances in The Indianapolis Star's "Work it Out" Column

Kevin appeared regularly for several years as an expert source in a Star business section employment column, along with other local employment attorneys.

Violating known policy of employer puts you at its mercy. The Indianapolis Star: Jan. 8, 2003. Comment on an issue concerning a company’s employee handbook.

Religion can be harassment at job when constant, pervasive. The Indianapolis Star: Nov. 27, 2002. Question answered regarding religious harassment in the workplace.

Taking medical leave doesn’t guarantee job stability. The Indianapolis Star: Oct. 2, 2002. Answer regarding employee substance abuse as it pertains to the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Pooling of tips in restaurants is both common and legal. The Indianapolis Star: Sept. 18, 2002. Reader answered regarding wage claim.

Pregnancy may complicate, but shouldn’t limit, job search. The Indianapolis Star: March 20, 2002. Answer given concerning pregnancy discrimination issue.

Would-be federal airport hires must wait on bureaucracy. The Indianapolis Star: Nov. 21. 2001. Response to employment contracts question.

Not repaying unearned funds is dishonest, and you may be liable. The Indianapolis Star: Oct. 31, 2001. Answer to a reader’s questions on Indiana’s public access laws.

Bonus limits aren’t binding without contract. The Indianapolis Star: Aug. 24, 2001. Comment concerning the withholding of sales commission checks in light of an employment agreement.

School worker’s retirement isn’t protected info. The Indianapolis Star: April 20, 2001. Wage and hour and potential class action issue.

Boss’s bias could because for a lawsuit. The Indianapolis Star: Oct. 13, 2000. Response involving grounds for filing a sex-discrimination lawsuit.

Law backs firms onforfeiting sales fees. The Indianapolis Star: July 19, 2000. Comment on state law and employee authorization of payroll deductions.

Fired worker,employer battle over vacation pay. The Indianapolis Star: Oct. 18, 1999. Question about possible FMLA violation and wrongful discharge.

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