Client Satisfaction

Although being involved in a legal dispute is sometimes emotional and anxiety provoking, Betz + Blevins aims to make the experience one of utmost satisfaction for our clients. We accomplish this in a number of ways:

We strive to communicate effectively with our clients.
Our clients tell us that Betz + Blevins attorneys speak their language—that we’re “easy to talk to.” We listen closely to our clients, involving them as partners and decision makers. In exchange, we’re honest and candid in our conversations. We make ourselves readily available to answer any questions or address any concerns our clients might have, as clearly and comprehensively as possible. We provide timely updates and any necessary follow-up.

We believe in being down to earth.
As a service industry, the practice of law is foremost a people business. We aren’t pretentious. Our goal is to make a genuine connection with all our clients, and to make sure that we’re always on the same page. It’s what our clients expect—and deserve.

We maintain the highest ethical standards.
Betz + Blevins practices law with great ethical integrity. This “true-north” compass guides our work. And so our sense of ethics requires the fostering of a level of trust that truly honors the attorney-client relationship.

We provide quality legal representation.
Betz + Blevins takes the word professional to heart. We endeavor to do our homework, analyzing the critical aspects of each case. We attempt to think outside the box in developing and executing strategy. And we vigorously uphold our clients’ rights and aggressively pursue the desired outcome, but always with the honor that befits our calling as advocates.

We are passionate about our work.
Our clients tend to call us “competitive.” We’re proud of that assessment. In advocating for individuals, Betz + Blevins often goes up against large institutions with considerable legal resources and talented lawyers—as our clients past and present well know, we hold our own. It’s what we’re all about.

We are respected by our peers.
Law firms from across the state of Indiana and across the nation refer clients to Betz + Blevins. We appreciate their professional regard for our work, and we don’t take it lightly. We understand that every client we represent is an opportunity to renew our colleagues’ confidence in our work.

We care deeply about what our clients think of us.
It’s not enough for us to feel good about the quality of our work. It’s what our clients think—and say about us—that counts. Our goal is for every person who refers to us, whether a previous client or a practicing attorney, to say, “you’re in good hands with Betz + Blevins.” And for every new client to agree.

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