Business + Commercial Law

Not long ago, employer-employee loyalty was held sacred. People commonly spent their entire careers with one company. Today, such loyalty is largely a thing of the past. Consequently, legal protections are necessary for both sides of the employment pact. Whether you’re an employee, manager, executive, or business owner, your work life is significantly impacted by business and commercial law and its many manifestations. Indeed, laws affecting commerce and the workplace continue to be created and refined. Should a dispute arise that places your business at risk and/or your livelihood at stake, you need skilled counsel that can help you find your way through the thicket of issues and work toward a satisfactory resolution on your behalf. The practice of business and commercial law falls well within Betz + Blevins’ scope of practice.

Our business and commercial law practice areas include:

  • Breach of contract
  • Employment severance
  • Contract disputes
  • Covenants not to compete
  • Shareholder litigation

Some cases representative of our experience in this area are:
CLC Services, Inc. v. Reedy & Peters, LLC—A state court action involving a covenant not to compete.

John E. Scott v. Consolidated Insurance Services, Inc., Carlisle Insurance Agency Inc., Gregory P. Gennett, Rexford Early, David D. Schaffer Cause No. 49D10-0501-PL003559—Represented individual in employment agreement and independent contractor agreement regarding his book of business rights- Confidential settlement.

Kenneth E. Dixon v. GIA, Incorporated, et al.Cause No. 49D12-0201-CT-00004—Represented individual under purchase agreement of insurance business – Confidential settlement

These prior cases in no way predict future success, but only show our past experience.

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