Firm Overview

Betz + Blevins was established in 1997 on the passion of a few attorneys who felt called to help individuals preserve their rights in the face of companies, boards, and government entities that would infringe upon them. Their more than 50 years of collective experience provides the foundation of Betz + Blevins. Today, they serve clients with the rare combination of resources, care, and agility that only a boutique firm can.

Because of the practice’s size—five lawyers and two paralegals—Betz + Blevins is able to provide comprehensive support to every case we take on. Each client benefits from the amount of research, specialized experience, and face time we can provide. At the same time, Betz + Blevins is small enough to understand that the practice depends upon the each individual we work with.

Not to be underestimated, Betz + Blevins has taken on some great challenges. We have litigated against large and storied firms and Fortune 500 companies, we’ve been involved in cases for several years—taking them all the way to the Supreme Court—and we’ve walked clients through complex issues and disputes. We value the resources we can provide our clients as much as our ability as a small firm to devote them to individuals over institutions.

Our attorneys bring varied experiences and a unified passion for helping individuals. Kevin Betz established Betz + Blevins in 1997, but not before becoming a seasoned, successful litigator at Krieg DeVault, and also as chief counsel for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. Sandra Blevins met Kevin at Krieg DeVault and came to Betz + Blevins in 2003 to share in Kevin’s passion for advocating for individuals bringing with her an expertise in human resources issues, laws, and processes. With three associates and two paralegals, the Betz + Blevins team has been championing individuals’ rights ever since.

Our firm focuses on advocating for individuals, specifically in the area of employment law. This leads us to work with clients in a variety of areas. We have represented individuals in cases ranging from wrongful termination, to wage and hour disputes, employment discrimination (such as age and race, as well as sexual harassment), employment contracts, whistleblower litigation, covenants not to compete, and employment and severance agreements.

In addition to representing clients in court, we also advise on issues independent from litigation, such as employment contracts, severance agreements, unemployment proceedings, discrimination and harassment, workplace bullies, academic and intellectual property rights for teachers and professors, and professional licensing for physicians, nurses, teachers, and others. To best serve our clients, our offices are located in downtown Indianapolis, near both the federal and state courts.

With a state-wide reach, Betz + Blevins also works on cases that deal with civil rights and constitutional law, class action law suits, business and commercial law, and environmental law. Because appellate law is distinct and separate in its processes and procedures, Kevin’s experience with the Indiana Supreme Court and knowledge of the court is much sought-after. In all these areas outside of employment law, Betz + Blevins often serve as either counsel or co-counsel, and accept a number of referrals a year for such cases.