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Workplace bullies more than mean. The Indianapolis Star: March 20, 2005. Kevin Betz mentioned in a Sunday Star Business section story as a followup to recent news covering his plaintiff’s suit concerning workplace bullying against a local hospital’s chief heart surgeon.

Hospital manager placed on leave. The Indianapolis Star: March 19, 2005. Kevin Betz interviewed about another workplace bullying incident on the heels of his successful plaintiff’s representation in a trial case involving workplace bullying. Both incidents occurred within the same hospital facility.

Job arbitration pacts fuel debate. The Indianapolis Star: Aug. 13, 2001. Kevin quoted in Star article concerning arbitration in a sexual harassment complaint made against local restaurant by former employee. (Betz & Associates did not provide legal representation in this dispute.)

Competing interests. The Indianapolis Star: March 19, 2001. Story on noncompetition clauses in employment contracts.

NLRB ruling aids nonunion staff. The Indianapolis Star: Aug. 3, 2000. Kevin consulted as an expert source on National Labor Relations Board ruling allowing nonunion workers to bring a witness to meetings that might lead to a disciplinary action.

Orr’s vision helped shape state’s Supreme Court. The Indianapolis Star: March 15, 2004. Star reporters frequently turn to Kevin for comments on the Indiana Supreme Court’s activities and justices, evident in this story and the Star stories referenced below.

Appellate judge named to high court. The Indianapolis Star: Oct. 26, 1999.

Selby reflects on high-court tenure. The Indianapolis Star: Oct. 10, 1999.

Diversity of state’s high court may change. The Indianapolis Star: July 14, 1999.

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